I make art because I am out of sync. There’s this present feeling of being out of agreement with the world around me. Although, being out of touch with conventional thought, helps me, I believe, to be a little more in tune with glimpses of a bigger picture, which I can only express through my art. The truth is, right or wrong, I feel disconnected from the mainstream, because the mainstream is even more disconnected from reality than I am. On the other hand, I know these feelings are not uncommon. Even those obsessed with celebrity gossip, and who serve privilege and power, also can have these feelings. So then, the question is why?

I'm not exactly sure why I feel this way, but (aside from societal reasons) I believe it has something to do with the year before I entered Kindergarten. That year, my older brother and sister were in school, while I sat home and thought to myself. ...and thought about my own thinking. My mother watched Days Of Our Lives and I played with Legos. Even though I loved playing with Legos, what I remember most is being bored, and coming to some profound conclusions about life. I remember realizing, that if nothing else, I exist in the form of thought. At that age, I never actually questioned whether or not I was thinking. There was something in me, I believe, that inherently knew, that to doubt it, is to do it, and that would be absurd. I also remember not knowing if we are anything more than the sum of our parts, and if we’re simply reacting to other reactions. Since I was bored, I wondered about the validity of my experience. I came to the conclusion that my experience of doing nothing was just as important as a world traveler’s experience, because my thoughts were important, and in a different way I was living just as much. The next year when my mother sent me off to Kindergarten, she told me that she and my father were my biggest influence. And I thought to myself, “Now the world is my influence.”

Thoughts concerning confinement and liberation are present throughout my work. My art reflects my memories, inner-thoughts, personal experiences, and attempts (now, and while growing up) to perceive reality more clearly, along with the struggles we all face surviving in a polluted amoral system. Of course, I am not alone in thinking that most of humanity, especially western culture, is out of sync with the planet, and as we move to align our thinking with nature (our true nature), we find ourselves out of alignment with society. I believe the general population is diverted and atomized by the promotion of economic individualism, suppression of independent thought, and the deterioration of community interests. I aim to disrupt this diversion. These ideas are conveyed in abstract reflections rather than literal interpretations, to allow for a more open discussion.

Kurt Riebel

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